The Birth of Otto's Cassava Flour

 Otto is the one in the middle :)    

Otto is the one in the middle :) 


I figure a good place to start is at the beginning. 

Hi! I'm Sadie.  My husband John and I discovered our intolerances and sensitivities to grains shortly after we married in 2001. Not just to gluten, but to all grains. We're not celiac but we do end up bloated, uncomfortable, sometimes rashy, and several sizes bigger when we indulge. No thanks. Ok, real talk here . . . we are not perfect and there are times when an indulgence is worth it. Sometimes I just NEED a bag of peanut m&m’s, you know what I mean?  In those moments the world is a safer place when I get them. ;)

Anyways, so we had this weird food thing all this time and the way we would deal with it was try to have fun with it. We tried to make it all about discovering new foods and new ways to eat old favorites. A great way to do that was to make a point of checking out every supermarket we could during our travels. Zimbabwe, Ireland, Honduras, Norway, Franceto name a few highlights, all provided us with new ideas and fresh approaches.  Visiting every ethnic market in our path while we're stateside is also something we enjoy doing together. We've shopped the African markets in Minneapolis, the Asian market in Middlesex, the Latin American markets in Bound Brookand the Indian grocery stores in Journal Square

We discovered so many fun things along the way. One of them was a cassava flour from Africa. It looked like traditional wheat flour, and baked (most of the time) like wheat flour. We were excited! But this flour also had a very sour, musty smell that definitely came out in the flavor of our finished products. And not in the wonderful, fragrant smell of sourdough bread way! We tried to spice things up a LOT to disguise it, but it was still there. The other draw back was that not enough of the peel was removed for a smooth, consistent texture in our baking.  There was this dominant CRUNCH; like sand. It was still the closest thing to wheat that we ever came across though and we told all our gluten-free and grain-free friends about it (we found some along the way!). But the sour, musty taste and smell and gritty texture were deal breakers for most of the people to whom we gave the flour. And so began a search for cassava flour without those typical negative characteristics. We knew it was possible and we were set on finding it!  

Our search ended in Brazil. Aside from being some of the most beautiful people on the planet, there is this tiny group of them that handle cassava like a BOSS. They turn out the most amazing, just-like-wheat product we have ever seen.  It is meticulously handled and is just so different from every other cassava flour on the market that it blew us away. No sandy, gritty crunch and no fermented/musty taste or smell. It is light years beyond all the other cassava flours out there. Truly the highest quality available anywhere.  

It is this amazing flour that we proudly and excitedly offer to you. If you have tried cassava flour before and were underwhelmed, we get it. And cordially invite you to try ours and taste the difference for yourself. If you have never tried cassava flour, or never even HEARD about it before, then we are doubly excited to introduce it to you. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

Happy baking!!