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Grain Free, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Allergen-Free, No-Junk Flour!

Otto's Naturals exists to bring families challenged by food allergies, intolerances and differing food lifestyles all back to the table, together.

In many cultures cooking and sharing a meal are joyful social occasions that are woven into the fabric of our relationships. It has been said that food sharing is one of the most basic social constants in human culture.  We use it as our social glue.  When a group shares food, it is as if they are saying: We are a family, a team, a tribe. It is a vital way we connect with one another. 

Our current reality is that most of the grain-free, allergen-free options available on the market today never come close to qualifying as "comfort foods" in the minds and hearts of consumers. They come up short in terms of taste and texture all too often and simply don’t reproduce the undeniable feeling of contentment that we as humans can experience with a delicious meal. 

Our purpose is to change all that by creating food that tastes so good, no one will know it’s allergen-free. Food so good the whole family will happily enjoy it together. No more mom’s making multiple dinners for the family. No more feelings of exclusion. No more tasteless meals. Otto’s mission is to provide a platform of grain-free/allergen-free options to families everywhere that are not only easy to use, but delicious too!