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Danish Whisk - 20% OFF

$11.99 $14.99

More time eating, less time cleaning

It's the simplest of gadgets: a sturdy wooden handle joined to a twist of stout wire. Looking at it, you'd hardly think "that's going to mix up a huge bowl of batter with ferocious ease and efficiency!" And yet - it does! The Otto's Naturals Danish Whisk makes mixing up even the thickest of batters an absolute BREEZE. It is so much better than a spoon that you just have to experience it for yourself! 

Bonus: It's so easy to clean! Our Dutch whisk features professional grade stainless steel with a secure and comfortable wooden handle. Miraculously, dough will not get stuck in the wire or gather in impossible to clean clumps. Simply hand wash and move on to more important things-- like eating your delicious creations! Traditionally, this whisk was used for making bread, but, truly, it is the tool of all tools for any recipe and our FAVE for brownie batter!