Homestyle Gravy

 photo credit: Michelle  @backporchpaleo

photo credit: Michelle @backporchpaleo


2 tbl grass fed butter, ghee or avocado oil*
2 tbls Otto’s Naturals Cassava flour
2 cups bone broth
½ tsp sea salt or to taste (we love Redmond Real Salt)
½ tsp of complimentary herbs (ie, thyme for chicken, rosemary for beef)
dash of garlic powder
pepper to taste


1. In a small saucepan over low heat, melt butter (or fat of choice) - add flour, whisk to combine. This is a basic roux, the base of so many yummy sauces. Simmer roux slowly until color begins to darken, whisking occasionally. Typically 4-5 minutes should do the trick, results may vary depending on your stove top, so keep an eye on it. You’re looking for a nice golden brown color! The longer you let the roux brown, the deeper flavor you will have...but keep in mind that if your heat is too hot, you can actually end up burning the roux and you’ll have a very “burnt” flavored gravy.
2. Once color is achieved, add bone broth and whisk until well combined and velvety. Adjust heat up just a bit and continuing whisking, gravy will thicken as it warms up.
3. From here, add the salt, accompanying herbs, garlic powder and pepper. Taste and adjust flavors as desired.

*pictured below:

  • A ~ made with avocado oil - simmered 6 minutes, darker color with a lighter flavor from the avocado oil
  • B ~ made with grass fed butter - simmered 6 minutes - dark color with rich flavor from the butter
  • bottom ~ also made with grass fed butter, simmered 4 minutes - lighter color with a milder flavor