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Easy Grain-Free Tortillas (With Video)

Easy Grain-Free Tortillas (With Video)

Gluten-Free Tortilla Recipe

Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Vegan, AIP, Paleo

Recipe by Fork & Beans  

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With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip up delicious, fresh, homemade tortillas whenever you want. It can be hard to make grain-free, gluten-free alternatives that work the same way as the flour tortillas you’re used to, but these have a texture you’ll love. They bend without cracking making them great for tacos, burritos, wraps, quesadillas, and more.

With Otto's Naturals - Cassava Flour, making grain-free tortillas in the comfort of your home has never been easier or tastier! Time for tacos everyone can enjoy!

These tortillas are soft and a little stretchy but strong—no need to double up even when you make fish tacos! Check out the video tutorial below, then grab your tortilla press (or rolling pin) and start cranking these out on your favorite pan or skillet.

Plus, it only takes four ingredients to make these easy tortillas!



  1. Whisk together Otto's Naturals - Cassava flour and salt. Add the oil and warm water until a nice dough begins to form. The dough should not be dry or too wet and sticky.

  2. Knead the dough until smooth.
  3. Divide into six dough balls.
  4. Roll each dough ball between two pieces of parchment paper until thin or use a tortilla press.
  5. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Once properly heated, place tortilla on the skillet. Wait for the air bubbles to form (approximately 1 minute) and then flip. Remove before tortilla becomes stiff. 
  6. Let cool on a wire rack until they go from hot to warm, then stack on a plate and cover with a towel to keep warm. 

Note: Do not overcook the tortillas or they will become stiff. Don’t worry if they do, you can always make tostadas or use them as a base for taco salad if the first few you make don’t bend enough.

Below is a video walking you through these amazing tortillas and below the video is a direct link to grab your cassava flour to get started.

Making Paleo Tortillas

Corn and flour tortillas don’t fit into a paleo diet, but you don’t have to say goodbye to tortillas all together. Cassava flour comes from ground, dehydrated cassava root making it a Paleo and nut-free alternative to other gluten-free flours. With just cassava flour, water, oil, and salt you can make yourself tortillas that fit into your lifestyle.

Easy Wrap Ideas

Now that you’ve made the tortillas what are you going to fill them with? A wrap can have the ingredients of your favorite burrito, your favorite sandwich, or even your favorite salad. Here are some ideas:

  • Grilled chicken and vegetables. Add grilled chicken and the vegetables of your choice, such as lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and spinach. Add your favorite sauce: mayo, ranch, hot sauce, bbq sauce, etc. If you want to save time you can grab a rotisserie chicken that’s already cooked.
  • Breakfast wraps. Add eggs, cheese, bacon, and vegetables. Try it with salsa or hot sauce.
  • Your favorite sandwich. Do you like a turkey club, a BLT, or a ham and cheese? Try it in a wrap instead of on bread. It is convenient to take on the go and easy to fit into your gluten-free lifestyle.
  • Turn almost any leftovers into a quick dinner infused with new life! Look at what you have left in the fridge and wrap it up. Or fill with scrambled eggs for a quick breakfast on the go. Nearly everything tastes better inside a tortilla ;)

What makes a good taco?

The first component, as you know, is the tortilla. This is the base layer for your taco - the foundation, the place where it all begins. And one made with cassava flour will prevent the upset stomachs (or worse) for those who can’t eat gluten. Then you need to add a protein and/or a vegetable. Popular tacos are made from just about any kind of meat so pick your favorite. If you’re vegan you can try shredded jackfruit instead of meat or load up with fajita-style vegetables.

There are many flavors of authentic tacos, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. It’s recommended to have a little acid to balance the other ingredients, such as a squeeze of lime juice.

You can also have everyone build their own tacos by setting up a taco bar with bowls of different ingredients, keeping everyone happy!

What’s the best gluten-free flour substitute?

Otto’s Naturals makes single-ingredient Cassava Flour: a gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free, whole food that fits into a variety of dietary lifestyles. It’s an easy substitute for all-purpose flour without any unnecessary ingredients. And best of all, it’s delicious. Try it today!